SN3V0326International Academy, Tokyo provides various academic courses which are equivalent to the undergraduate and graduate courses the universities and graduate schools in the United States and England widely provided. No class lectures are provided at International Academy, Tokyo. All academic courses are extraordinarily taught in English individually here at this academy. The students are able to study any acedemic fields provided in terms of the extraordinary teaching method, “one instructor to one student teaching method” for the sake of developing their intellect immensely.

The instructor, Toshiyuki Namai who has various researching and teaching experiences at prestigious universities and colleges in the world in addition to the experineces in the United States is expecting the enthusiastic students who eagerly would like to pursue the truth acedemically through studying some traditional sciences provided at the academy. The academy is always ready to instruct and help the students for the sake of their academic interest based upon the rigid spirit of sciences it firmly possesses. What the academy asks you is that you make strenuous efforts to scientifically cultivate yourselves for your prosperous future. It goes without saying that the academy highly values your lucubration at all times. As the proverb goes, “There is no royal road to learning.” As for you to gradually develop your intellect, all you need is “sweat.” The academy accepts only those who deeply understand the value a drop of perspiration to academically pursue the essence and the truth in sciences. The academy gives you a meaningful breakthrough for you to achieve your ideal academic attainment absolutely.

国際教養塾は、世界の学問の基礎を築いた古代ギリシアの哲学者・プラトン(Platon, 427-347 B.C.)がアテネの北西郊外に開いたアカデメイア学園が追究した「公平無私な学問の精神」を教育理念とする。プラトンの哲学は、所謂、西洋の学問の基礎である。国際教養塾は、学問を通して真理探究を行う現代のアカデメイアであり、塾の教育レヴェルは、世界でトップレヴェルの大学・大学院と同等レヴェルを堅持することを宣言する。









“Spring of Philosophia”(『英知』の源泉)としての銀座書斎(the Ginza Sanctuary)。銀座書斎の中央には、イタリアの画家・ラファエロ・サンティ(1483-1520)が描いた「アテネの学堂」が置かれている。西洋文明社会においては、現在の人文科学、社会科学、自然科学の基礎は、所謂、「古代ギリシア哲学」にその源泉があると考えられている。バチカン宮殿の署名の間に描かれている「アテナイの学堂」は、16世紀初頭、ラファエロが教皇ユリウス二世から依頼を受け、「古代ギリシア時代に開花した学問・文化・芸術の源泉」を描いた壁画として知られている。