Astronomically speaking, law is “local” and “simple” science.


Have you ever deeply considered that why there are a number of statute laws established in this country? Does this country keep justice and the social order “reasonably” without statute laws established all the time?

It goes without saying that law vividly performs such an important role to keep justice and order in the Japanese society. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to keep these without having statute laws in the society. We human beings are not angels at all. No human being is impeccable. Therefore, we human beings need laws to maintain justice and the social order. As to justice, there is no absolute justice. All of theories regarding justice are “justified theories” (man-made theories).

On the other hand, there is another interpretation regarding statute laws. We find the significance of having statute laws on the condition that we have our human society here on this earth. Reversely, this means that we don’t need any laws, if there is no human society organized at all.

Astronomically speaking, law is “local” and “simple” science. You cannot not find any meaning of existence of law without having our human society. Hence, it is absolutely natural to recognize the importance of existence of society first and the existence of law second.


⇒ Astronomically speaking, law is “local” and “simple” science.(英語音声講義)

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