Do you need to risk your delicacy or not to be a rational logical person?


For you to be a rational logical person, you’ve got to sharpen your delicacy immensely. Because you are required to delicately feel the things in front of each of the things you see and concern at all times day after day.

Intrinsically, logicality itself doesn’t mean anything without feeling the things delicately. You need to sentiently feel a thing in your experience not least before organizing your logic and also after organizing it as well (this is a very crucial way of thinking people in general stereotyped don’t recognize and understand at all).

It is very significant to grasp that how you sentiently feel a thing every day every night dramatically affects how you rationally consider the thing and organize the logic after feeling it. This means that how you minutely feel a thing upgrades the quality of rational thinking to be a rational logical person gradually.

It is indispensably necessary to prioritize such an action to subtilize “your delicacy” to carry out your lifelong mission in terms of using your logicality organized minutely and reasonably. In addition, your logicality must be absolutely “rational enough” to be a rational logical person all the time.

It is surely vital to be “rational enough” for you to be a rational logical person. I repeatedly describe the importance of rationality upgraded by subtilized delicacy itself.

Obviously, you don’t have to firmly protect your delicacy intentionally surrounded by your “invulnerable fortress.” You need to “constructively” risk your delicacy itself in each of substantial experiences day and night. You are surely here or there to subtilize your delicacy in term of risking it by inches. You can remarkably and amazingly upgrade your rationality on the condition that you don’t hesitate risking your delicacy at all. This is not a matter of an armchair theory. This is the “very experience” you need to go through for the sake of your “genuine” self-actualization.

Reversely, if you don’t risk your delicacy, you unconsciously spoil your “one and only delicacy” in the world. Then it would be a rotten delicacy spoiled consequently.

It is not sapient to cover the delicacy by an invulnerable fortress. There is nothing progressive there on this spoiled condition organized artificially. It is absolutely necessary to risk you peculiar delicacy in order to develop it courageously for the sake of amelioration of your logicality and rationality by inches.

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