The essence of individualism should be jurisprudently reviewed.


Jurisprudently speaking, it is quite indispensible to reasonably review the meaning of society organized by human beings. Above all, those essential social questions “why we human beings need the society,” and “how we human beings see the significance of maintaining the society artifically organized.”

To review the essential meaning of the society, the matter, “the meaning of individualism should be deliberately reviewed. The individualism shall be naturally divided into two kinds in it. One is “rugged individualism,” the other is “original individualism.” Rugged individual is that you think about your benefit and happiness and don’t respect other people, and other people don’t respect you at all. Regarding original individualism, you delightedly respect other people by your affection, and other people respect you as well.

It is immensely expected to consider the reasonable way to realize the “ideal individualism” for the sake of legally protecting respective individuals who just dwell in this country. The constitution of Japan was established in 1946 and this country still uses the consitution right now. Is this constitution working reasonably in order to constitutionally protect the individualism for the Japanese citizens? Are the Japanese citizens using and interpreting the articles of the constitution in consideration of the utmost importance of protecting fundamental human rights individually?

Moreover, Which is more important, “individual (individualized) value” or “social (socialized) value?” How and where can you jurisprudently find the essence of humanity in the existent civilizations all over the world? As a matter of fact, there are actually so many legal questions we human beings should think of in any of countires here on the earth.


⇒ The essence of individualism should be jurisprudently reviewed.(英語音声講義)

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