“A romantic journey to a sense of vacancy”


A romantic journey to a sense of vacancy

vacancy is not a simply vacant
to think of vacancy in my brain
nothing comes to me at all

What is a thing romantically feeling in myself?
in feeling a sense of vacancy,
something vacant comes to me as a romantic journey inwardly

thinking in my brain is just a matter of logicality
feeling is the very matter of something delicate critical in my heart

critical or crucial?
That’s the very matter of delicacy which gives me a meaningful destination

nobody can control destiny at all
destination itself can be romantically decided by my free will

I remember now
I used to spend those days not to feel anything critical in my life a long time ago
I didn’t urgently feel anything critical in those days
because I had been materially satisfied with what I possess in those days

ultimately, possession unbelievably spoils human beings
no possession is a real possession
I feel no possession is beautifully romantic



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