The essence deriving from the whole history of humankind under Article 14 of the Constitution of Japan


I’d like to elucidate the essence silently included in Article 14 of the Constitution of Japan more concretely this time.

Historically, the idea, “equality of human beings” originally derives from ancient Greece. Needless to say, no modern state has been made without the establishment of the idea of equality all over the world.

Equality surely has been embodied particularly through the two, 1) “Declaration of Independence” in July, 1776 in the United States, and 2) “Declaration of Human Rights” in August, 1789 in France as well.

The concept, equality under the law has been developed through many elements including the idea of Christianity which says “every human being is equal before God by nature.” Fundamentally speaking, the principle of democracy derives from the idea, “equality in front of God.”

Aforementioned principle has been gradually developed and modernized as the foundation of democracy embodied in terms of the establishment of the constitutions in modern states. I shall assert that the Constitution of Japan should be rigidly treated as one of the modern constitutional laws in this civilized world as a “genealogical law” established here in this country.


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