There is nothing enigmatic in the occurrence.



⇒ There is nothing enigmatic in the occurrence.(英語音声講義)

Some hints for the sake of your fruitful thinking

We human beings experience a deluge of unexpected occurrences every day every night in our life. Usually we are not sure what kind of experience we have next.

Absolutely, nobody knows about the future. But, regarding the occurrences, there are some methods to sysytematically deduce the reasons why they occurred as the “reality.” In most of the actual cases in our daily life, there is nothing enigmatic in the occurrences we experience.

There is a “certain reason” why something concrete happens all of a sudden. There is nothing mysterious in the matter we substantially experience. Where there is a “fact,” there is a “certain reason” for that.

A fact is a fact. There is nothing enigmatic in it. There is no labyrinthine enigma in the matter (fact) you experience.

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