Something gorgeous in my heart


Something gorgeous in my heart

something mysterious doesn’t mean something meaningless
the mystery tranquilly gives me a serene way I can’t make through a drop of perspiration
such way derived from the mystery is a genuine way nobody guides me to

it is a way to make as for an existent who is eager to produce something new
it is a way not to follow anything stereotyped as for an existent who risks his life to practice his will

now, I question myself
from where do I produce my verve at all times?

now, I surely hear a ring stimulating my soul coming from somewhere
do I feel finite or infinite in a process to hear it?
do I substantially feel something infinite in my soul?

the infinite itself is a delusion in my heart
I now came to feel a fruitful vibration deriving from somewhere mysterious
such vagueness gives me essential stimulation inwardly

gracefully in my heart,
I value it highly
I feel some gorgeousness in my heart


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