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The ultimate beauty in a Japanese black teacup


The ultimate beauty in a Japanese black teacup

black is not simply black in a sense of beauty
black is not simply black in a virtue of beauty
there is a profound aesthetic state in black to be subtly felt

now, I see the immense distances of space in the ultimate aesthetic color, black

black gives us something mysterious
black gives us something gorgeous
black gives us something ultimate

when I feel such gorgeousness in the profundity of black
I feel everlasting transmigration in it infinitely

human life is transitory
there is nothing impeccable in the world
there is nothing everlasting in this world

now, I just live in such an air of profundity
I feel the utmost value to tick away a second at all times
I now charmingly feel the meaning of my existence as a slightest bit


⇒ The ultimate beauty in a Japanese black teacup(英語朗読)

Dreaming of something unreal engenders nothing


Dreaming of something unreal engenders nothing

action you take gives you something meaningful
therefore, I’d like you to take action here or there

I’d like you to do a thing which is real
because only a real thing engenders something meaningful

imagine now,
which one gives you a direction, something real or something unreal

I’d like you to take action according to what you see as a matter of reality
what you see guides you to a reasonable direction

dreaming of something unreal engenders nothing
I’d like you to continue opening your eyes to see reality

I’d like you to confront a harsh reality
it gives you strength to go forth


⇒ Dreaming of something unreal engenders nothing(英語朗読)

“Light is not derived from light itself.”


Light is not derived from light itself.

people are always looking for something excited
people are expecting something splendiferous and valuable every day every night

where can you find such a thing superb in this rotten society?
there is no place where you can find such a thing expected

imagine now
you walk somewhere in the desert for a long time
there is no fresh water you drink at all anywhere

finally, you find a well to quench your thirst with water
you naturally have such a moment to feel some gorgeousness yourself
gorgeousness is originally derived from the persistent thirst which really kills you

let’s try to experience something brand-new we haven’t experienced before
experiencing something you haven’t experienced before gives you a light to go forth


⇒ Light is not derived from light itself(英語朗読)

The reverberation tells me to take action according to what I hear in my heart



⇒ The reverberation tells me to take action according to what I hear in my heart(英語朗読)

The beauty of life


The beauty of life

whether you like it or not, there are only two alternatives
the one is to live
the other is to die

imagine now
if you die, there would be nothing you can substantially experience and taste here on this planet
on the other hand, you can do anything you like as long as you live

hence, there is no such question, “to live or to die”
the question you need to think of is how you live every day

I’d like you to live well momentarily
I’d like you to make sense in your process to live day after day

naturally and gracefully, time creeps on silently momentarily
that’s why time now is immensely beautiful

you cannot taste the same water once again later on


⇒ The beauty of life (英語朗読)

Aren’t you losing yourself?


Aren’t you losing yourself?

aren’t you losing yourself in the tricky spot, mannerism?
doing the same thing every day every night unconsciously makes you no consideration at all

not to think of anything critical is so comfortable
it is easy to think something easy every day
that’s a way the people stereotyped feel and think without exception

now, hush yourself
listen to a voice coming from the bottom of your heart
do you hear something you truly need
the thing you hear now is just the thing you need to do

have you ever noticed that hesitation easily dulls your action more than you imagine?
do the thing now you inwardly hear without hesitation

your life is dramatically changed through doing so or not
it always depends upon how you immediately take your action or not


⇒ Aren’t you losing yourself?(英語朗読)

A voice coming from somewhere nostalgic


A voice coming from somewhere nostalgic

I hear something nostalgic in my heart
is it coming out of my old days?

it is a ring congenial to something delicate in my heart
it is a ring sacred to me inwardly

now, something sympathetic in my heart strongly tells me to take an action
I’ve therefore decided to bury the old strife I remember once in a while

there is the one I’d like to keep doing at any cost
I now listen to the voice sacred to me
I don’t miss it to take an action no matter what


⇒ A voice coming from somewhere nostalgic(英語朗読)

The ultimate of beauty


The ultimate of beauty

As for you, to be naturally yourself is beautiful
you can be simply yourself through getting rid of your nonsensical possession

people are occasionally expecting something supernatural for their sake
I’m not sure whether it is essentially beautiful or not

the one I unconsciously feel is that
something artificial is not ultimately beautiful at all

nature is a symbol of beauty
nature is the ultimate of beauty itself

is there any remarkable difference between the two, something natural and something supernatural
I absolutely find no big difference between the two in consideration of the immense distances of space

I find something ultimate in the very nature of nature
I certainly call it “the ultimate beauty” without a doubt


⇒ The ultimate of beauty(英語朗読)

“Solid or breathable”


Solid or breathable

knowledge rejects knowledge
That is to say, tasteless knowledge certainly repels other tasteless knowledge
this is a matter people ordinarily don’t recognize at all

essentially, there are two kinds of knowledge
one is “solid knowledge”
the other is “breathable knowledge”

solid knowledge is “quite solid and tight” between one piece and another piece of knowledge
there is nothing cultural to taste deliciously between the two there

breathable knowledge is “spacious enough” to taste something cultural
and you are ready to associate one piece of knowledge with another in the whole sphere of knowledge breathable

breathable knowledge is “gracefully breathable” between one piece and another
I’d like you to meaningfully breathe the air in the sphere of rationality
culture is beautifully developed through breathing such rational air


⇒ Solid or breathable(英語朗読)

“A romantic journey to a sense of vacancy”


A romantic journey to a sense of vacancy

vacancy is not a simply vacant
to think of vacancy in my brain
nothing comes to me at all

What is a thing romantically feeling in myself?
in feeling a sense of vacancy,
something vacant comes to me as a romantic journey inwardly

thinking in my brain is just a matter of logicality
feeling is the very matter of something delicate critical in my heart

critical or crucial?
That’s the very matter of delicacy which gives me a meaningful destination

nobody can control destiny at all
destination itself can be romantically decided by my free will

I remember now
I used to spend those days not to feel anything critical in my life a long time ago
I didn’t urgently feel anything critical in those days
because I had been materially satisfied with what I possess in those days

ultimately, possession unbelievably spoils human beings
no possession is a real possession
I feel no possession is beautifully romantic



⇒ A romantic journey to a sense of vacancy(英語朗読)

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